3 Tier Color Copy Billing

5655-CopierIf you are looking for a color copier, you may have heard about 3 tier billing.  Very few manufacturers are on board with this concept today.  If you print off an Email and it has a blue link, you get charged for a full color page.  That little link can cost an extra $.05.  Analysts estimate almost 40% of an office’s color would accurately be described as “spot color.”  This means if you were printing 10,000 color pages a month, high volume, you would spend an extra $500 a month because you didn’t have the spot color counting as black and white billing.  Even at 1000 color pages a month, not too much, this is $50 a month or $3,000 on most copier contracts.

If you would like to get your next copier from a company who won’t charge you for color on the 40% of prints which are really like black and white in terms of costs, please give us a call!