Assigning a Copier Manager

Who manages your copier? For many businesses the answer is nobody. This can be a problem bigger than you may imagine. Too many people don’t think about how much money goes into their office printing solutions every month. There can be a lot of waste that you never even considered. Assigning a copier manager is a great way to get on top of your spending and keep your copier running smoothly.

A copier manager should be someone who already works in your office that can take on the extra responsibility. They should be the first line of defense when something is wrong with the copier, and should be able to help keep track of your spending.

Assigning a copier manager is a great way to make sure everyone is printing and copying responsibly. They can really help you make sure that everything in your office is in line.

The role of a copier manager is to:

  • Track copier usage
  • Monitor toner use and paper consumption
  • Find good deals on consumables
  • Understand how to troubleshoot problems
  • Find areas of waste (IE, wasted toner)
  • Figure out which departments use the most resources

A competent copier manager will be able to keep your spending where it needs to be. Your office copier is a great tool that needs to be used correctly. Assigning a copier manager is the best way to ensure that your investment isn’t being abused.