Beware: Lying Copier Reps

Ever heard a copier representative tell you that they will lease you a new copier for less than you currently pay, and it will go faster? Ladies and gentlemen, beware of this ploy. Once you near the end of your lease, you might hear your rep telling you about how they can get you copier that is bigger and better for the same price. That sounds great, right? Not always!

Here is the problem: You probably already pay too much for your copier lease.

Let’s change the product to paint a picture. You visit your local coffee shop, and they charge $8.00 for a cup of coffee. Now they promise to deliver a 32 oz cup, rather than a 20 oz cup. Either way you cut it, you are not getting a great deal. Do not allow copier reps to sucker you into thinking that simply because the copier will be faster and at the same price that you will have a fantastic deal. While it sounds phenomenal, it is wishful thinking. You are dealing with a clever marketing tactic that helps them to sell more copiers, and a lot of people fall for it.