Building a Relationship with Your Copier Rep

It’s important to remember to ask your copier representative questions about anything related to your immediate needs. This will allow you to not just ensure your requirements are fulfilled, but it also ensures that you have a greater understanding of what other options you have, what devices you might need, and what other considerations you need to make.

By keeping the channel of communications open, you are facilitating the development of a relationship with your copier rep. This allows you not just to ensure that your current needs are met, but that your future needs, and potential concerns, are charted out well in advance.Here are some example questions:
What formatting style are you looking for?
When do you expect your order to be completed?
What are the trigger events for what you are ordering?
Do you require certain types of print or paper available?
What factors do you use in coming to a decision?

Thus, it’s important to see a broader picture of what a rep is able to offer you, not just in terms of answering what your immediate concerns are, but in ensuring you are continuously clear what you might not even know to consider.