What Does Your Business Need from Your Next Copier?

busy-copyBefore you go out and buy a new copier, you should first understand what you will need from your next copier. There are a few things to understand to get the most from your next machine. For example, the capacity equates to how many copies you put out every month. That becomes an important factor to consider. Normally, you want to take a rough estimate and increase your figure by between 30 percent to 50 percent. In doing that, you will give yourself wiggle room for making extra copies.

Speed becomes another important factor because the pages per minute should reflect what you need. A faster speed copier will be better for a larger office where they will have a need for it. Copier speed can range anywhere from 15 pages per minute to a top speed of 91 pages per minute. In general, most copiers will fall in the 20 to 50 pages per minute range. As a business, you may want to take advantage of double-sided printing because this uses less paper. You will also have to consider the consumables of your copier machine like paper, toner, fuser units and other maintenance items. After you have taken these things into account, you will have a better idea about how much it will cost.