Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Copier?

portrait of businessman looking monitor through binocularEveryone should first ask themselves whether they want to buy or lease a copier. Truth is, there is no simple answer, but if you do not have a lot of capital to work with, then you may want to lease because leasing will give you an affordable monthly payment plan. However, leasing will always cost more in the long run. With a lease, you will want to negotiate out the additional fees to get the best deal.

Ask yourself what your budget is, and how much money do you have to pay outright? If you will not have enough money to pay outright, then you may want to pay for it over time. Before you lease, however, ask yourself if you can keep up with the monthly payments, and also, check to see about the extra costs that your lease will not include. For example, will you have to pay for the parts and consumables or a service contract? If you want to keep your machine after the lease, then you may want to select a $1 buyout lease. A $1 buyout lease lets you buy your copier for $1 at the end of the leasing term. However, these leases will usually cost more. Planning ahead can help you to decide on the best lease possible.