Buying a New Copier in Miami

Xerox-ColorQubeThere are a couple of important starting points to consider at the outset of the quest for the next copier for your Miami business.

Features Needed

If you haven’t been in the market for a copier for awhile, or ever, the capabilities of today’s copiers will impress you. Will you need to print to tabloid size? If not, a letter/legal copier will save you some serious change. Other questions arise as well. Do you require either network faxing or walk-up faxing? What are your scanning needs? Is there a common need to scan2email, scan2folders, scan2cloud, or do TWAIN scanning? What about color? Is color scanning, color copying, and color printing vital?

All these features require one to analyze present and future needs. You may lack a crystal ball, but some sense of where your Miami enterprise is headed is important, or you’ll be sending higher-than-necessary payments to the lease company for years to come.

What Are Your Existing Costs?

If you are already have a copier in the office, establish exactly what your current costs are. You can’t capably figure out where you’re headed unless you know precisely where you are right now.

With some intelligent planning, you may be able to decommission some of those older, inefficient printers still hanging around the office. Your new copier can likely communicate with the cloud in highly efficient ways. Make sure that the next copier takes advantage of all the networking and cloud-based services that can cut costs on a daily basis.

What are your supplies and maintenance currently costing you? And of course, you’ll want to establish the number of copies currently being produced.

Projections of future need will, once again, be important as well.