Before Buying Your Next Copier: Keep the Future in Mind

busy-copyAfter working with numerous customers over the years, we recently had a new customer from the Miami area who had bought this copier from someone else. After sitting down with the customer and asking some questions, we learned that he was dissatisfied with his copier because it failed to keep up with his business demands. He began to experience servicing issues, and he learned that he had been sold a copier that failed to meet all his demands.

In other words, the previous representative failed to consider his actual needs. He had higher printing volumes than what he received. After further review, we learned that this customer had purchased an original service agreement four years prior for 20,000 prints each month. Now they were doing more than 80,000 prints every month. When I asked him if he had experienced growth at the company, the client told me that over the last four to five years, the growth had been exponential. What happened was that the client originally felt that 20,000 copies per month were an adequate choice. At that time, it might have been, but because of the significant growth, that same copier had now become more of an obstacle. This is a common mistake where customers only consider their immediate demands, but they fail to look at the possibilities for expansion. If you think you will expand a lot, sometimes signing a lease is a better choice because you can upgrade as needed.