Check out the New Xerox Clean Hands Reminder Screensaver

As more and more people return to work, it is important to maintain good hygiene at home and at work. Frequently washing your hands is a great way to keep yourself and your coworkers safe. Add a friendly reminder to your workplace with the Xerox Clean Hands Reminder App for your VersaLink, AltaLink and PrimeLink printers. The app will display the remainder when the printer is inactive. When you are ready to use it, touch the screen or a button and the app will disappear into the home screen.

The Clean Hands Reminder application acts as a non-intrusive screen saver reminder to users to keep good hygiene. It is a simple way to encourage employees to keep themselves and their coworkers safe and acts as another tool to help maintain a safe and clean working environment.

It takes just two minutes to download the free application and begin encouraging your employees with friendly reminders to keep good hygiene practices. The download is able to work with any ConnectKey enabled EIP v3.5 or higher but does not include I-series.

This new app is available globally in various languages. You can find the Clean Hands Reminder in the Xerox App Gallery’s General section. There is also a two minute How To video that walks you through installing the application on your device. You can find this How To video on Youtube, Xerox Support channel or scan the QR code to watch the tutorial.

Now more than ever it is important to maintain cleanliness standards at home and at work. Check out the Xerox Print Devices Cleaning Guidance that provides tips to keep external surfaces of your devices clean in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Remember, it is important to fight the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a face covering, washing your hands and maintaining social distancing to help make your place safe for yourself and your co-workers.

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