Choosing a Used Copier

ColorLaserJetCM2320Before choosing a used copier, you should create a list of the features that you will want. Some of the features may include: copying, scanning, folding, stapling and faxing. Second, you have to check if a used copier will make sense for your business. For example, how much volume will you print each month? If you will have need for a higher monthly volume, then you might be better off with a rental because it will be better able to sustain the demands.

Next, look at how fast you will need it to print to keep up with demand. If you have a line formed at the copier, then you may want to look at buying a used copier with greater speeds. Either that or buy two to reduce the wait time at the copier. Time spent in a line is time that is spent not working. Finally, look at your current expenses with copiers. What do you spend on supplies, repairs and documents. When you factor these things into a used copier, you can compare the two to decide if you will save money with this approach.