Color Coverage and the Costs Associated

A lot of people struggle to grasp the concept of color coverage, but we thought we would quickly describe color coverage, and how it will affect your bottom line. Let’s take the specific example of an HP Laserjet 4700DN and show how that factor gives a varied cost. Now let’s say you wanted to print standard business color, which is 20 percent total. However, here’s what it looks like broken down:

  • Five Percent Cyan
  • Five Percent Magenta
  • Five Percent Yellow
  • Five Percent Black

If it looks like this, you will pay $.10 per print, and if you had to print 3,000 pages per month for five years, you will spend $18,000 over the course of five years.

Each percent will be around $900. For example, if we calculated everything at 20 percent, but the real figure was 22 percent, your budget will be off by $1,800 at the end of five years. If the coverage were 18 percent, then you will have an $1,800 surplus. When considering color prints, you want to understand the concept of color coverage. We have a color specialist that can analyze your files and tell you what it will cost.