Colorqube Copiers in Miami

Xerox-ColorQubeXerox ColorQube is High-End Copier of Choice for Miami Business

Although it has a high price tag, the Xerox ColorQube copier is an ideal choice for Miami area businesses that need large numbers of high-quality copies for everyday needs. The Qube features solid ink printing on a wide range of papers at a high duplex speed of 85ppm. Yet, this machine has an overall low energy footprint, making it the high-end copier of choice for businesses concerned about the environment.

Color ink is fed into the machine via four different wax chunks, cyan, magenta, yellow and black, to produce what essentially is a hot inkjet form of printing. The copier melts each color of wax then sprays it onto a drum, which then rolls over paper to make copies. A unique feature of this copier is that each ink color comes in a different shapes making it virtually possible to load ink cartridges into the wrong slot. The ColorQube copier holds enough ink at one time to produce up to 58,000 full color pages.

Xerox indicates that the ColorQube copier will produce only 88 pounds of packaging waste over four years versus more than 800 pounds for most color laser printers. The manufacturer also indicates that customers will save an average of 62 percent in operating costs annually over traditional laser printers.