Common Mistakes that make Copier Leases More Expensive

Buying a copier can be a huge investment for your business and every penny counts. Unfortunately, many copier dealers are out to help themselves and sneak certain things into your copier lease that makes it more expensive than it needs to be.

While many sales people act like they are on your side, our representatives at Miami copiers are here to help you see through the scams that others may be trying to pull. The first thing you need to do when leasing a copier is consider what your business needs, and stick with that plan.

Some ways that your lease may end up costing you more are:

  • Buying a color printer when a black and white would do just fine
  • Being convinced to buy more prints than your company will use in a month
  • Signing a contract that allows the rate to rise on a yearly basis
  • Purchasing a copier that prints tabloid pages when regular 8’’ by 11’’ is all you need

Many businesses do need top of the line copiers with a plethora of features, but do not be convinced to buy something you do not need. A copier lease is a big endeavor and you need to make sure that you are getting what you need without having your copier lease become too expensive.

Always make sure you grill your representative about the rates they are offering, and ask for help from our experts at Miami copiers. We have years in the industry and are skilled at seeing through the scams and getting you exactly what you need. For any other questions please contact our experienced team at Miami copiers.