Copier Buying Tips

Copier Buying Tips and Tricks

Before you buy you buy your next copier here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best deal possible:

1. Consider buying a refurbished copier. Refurbished copiers are not only more environmentally friendly (you are saving a copier from ending up in a landfill) but they are also less expensive. Refurbished copiers are thoroughly cleaned and repaired and must pass factory production standards to be resold.

2. Don’t offer to trade in your copier until you are sure you have received the absolute lowest price possible. Your copier rep figures in the price of a trade-in before he or she even starts the deal. Waiting till the end to add in this figure will garner you the biggest savings.

3. Read your lease carefully. Often times leases comes packaged full of unnecessary fees. Among these fees are a documentation fee of between $50 and $100 dollars just for creating the lease. Make sure that you present your copier rep with proof of insurance before you sign the lease so that you avoid any unnecessary insurance charges for insurance obtained by the leaseholder on their newly leased property.

4. Don’t be taken in by seemingly low basic copying costs. The total cost of the package including charges for insurance, new toner and supplies, and repairs need to be taken into consideration.

5. Read all the fine print in your lease agreement. If you don’t understand a charge, ask your sales rep for clarification.