Copier Leasing

5655-CopierWhen leasing a copier there are a lot of factors to consider.  The first factor you need to consider is if the lease of a copier here in Miami is even right for you.  Not everyone buying a copier should lease.  Some people are better off purchasing the machine and others are better off renting a machine.  If you do happen to lease a copier, current average lease rates are about .02 on a 60 Month lease that you return the copier (FMV Lease).  This means if you are buying a $12,000 copier, the equipment leasing price will be in the $240 per month range (plus taxes).

If you are doing a 36 Month lease where you return the copier, the lease rate factor is about .03  — the same $12,000 copier would be about $360 a month on that copier.  If you do a $1 Buyout copier lease, then your payment will be a bit higher.  If you get charged $100 on a 5 year lease, you know you are dealing with an approximate $5,000 copier.

If you would like to lease a copier in Miami, please give us a call today!  (756) 358-6119