Copier Warm-up Time

It’s not always very intuitive to decide what copier is best for your business. Many people just want to go with the biggest, most powerful option. If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending money then this could be a good option for you. However, most people want to get something with functions that they think they will actually use. That’s why you need to understand all of a copier’s functions, like copier warm-up time, to make a smart decision.

Copier warm-up time is often overlooked as a serious specification to pay attention to. That’s because many people think that a good print speed will always make up for a slower warm-up time. That can be true, but only for those that are doing a lot of prints.

If you run a huge business that is printing all day long then print speed is exactly what you should be focusing on. Warm-up time won’t matter if you literally only turn your machine on in the morning and let it run all day. However, it can be different if you run a smaller business.

Smaller businesses often do fewer, smaller print jobs. That means that many times their printer will get turned off in between jobs. This is when warm-up time becomes important. If you are constantly doing smaller jobs then warm-up time can become extremely important in terms of efficiency.

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