Copiers and Office Health

If you have a copier in your busy office then you should know something about how it affects office health. Let us preface that copiers are very safe machines that you should not need to worry about. However, some people are more sensitive than others to certain materials in the air, and we believe that being aware of potential problems helps you be prepared.

Most copiers on the market produce things called Volatile Organic Compounds. These VOCs are harmless to most people, but some people are sensitive to these compounds. The most common VOC produced by copiers is Ozone. This compound is great for the atmosphere but it can hurt the lungs of certain people.

Ozone can cause a number of irritations to certain people. The people who are affected the most will be people who have a history of cardiovascular or respiratory problems. If they are someone who has had lung problems in the past or deals with asthma then they could experience reduced lung capacity, inflamed lungs, and difficulty breathing.

It’s not hard to make sure your staff is as comfortable as possible.

  • Move your copier directly away from people’s desks. If someone is being affected you don’t want them to have to breath these compounds all day.
  • Put your copier in a well-ventilated area.
  • Change your filter regularly

If you follow these simple steps then your office should be comfortable and safe. Remember, copiers are safe machines. The VOCs that are produced probably won’t be noticed by most of the people working with you. However, the one person who is affected will be grateful for these small steps to help.