Cut Your Office Expenses with Managed Print Services

busy-copyA lot of office managers have shown reluctance to outsource their office tasks because they like to have control over their printing. That’s a legitimate reason. Meanwhile, other people do not trust the quality of another person’s work, or they want to avoid the expense of outsourcing their work. Regardless of the reasoning, office managers should first understand that outsourcing can have a dramatic impact on your operating costs, and numerous case studies have shown how outsourcing can create more sustainable value. For example, when Ford Motor Company first made the decision to consolidate their printing under managed print services, the result was that they lowered their printing costs by up to 30 percent.

Managed print services can imply a wide range of services, but it will always lead to the same result. For example, it will give you better control over your printing while saving money and boosting your overall productivity. Most office managers do not realize how managed print services will benefit their company, but it saves money by helping you to select the right print and performing your most basic printing tasks. Managed print services will also let you use fewer printers, and that leads to better savings for consumables and maintenance. If you want to learn more about managed print services, contact us via email or phone. We’d love to help.