Document Management in Miami

Internet SecurityProper data and document management enhances productivity and saves money. To thrive in today’s competitive business environment, your company must control copy volume and how the information is stored. It is also important to manage the dissemination of information within your organization and with prospective and current business partners and customers.

While most business correspondence is transmitted via electronic methods, such as email and portable storage devices, a significant amount is still printed on paper. Instead of producing and shipping paper copies, you can scan and distribute the documents electronically. You can also establish a paperless protocol for inbound correspondence. Scanning documents eliminates the need to maintain the information in your limited office space or in a secure offsite location. You can password protect your electronic documents and retrieve them whenever necessary. These procedures ensure that only authorized individuals can access the information. By assigning PIN codes and passwords, you can control the number of copies produced.

A Xerox multi-function copier streamlines the process of capturing, securing, storing and disseminating your documents. For more information, contact our Miami area office to speak with a member of our experienced team. We can evaluate your company’s current procedures and customize an affordable solution that balances the competing requirements for security and accessibility.