Does My Copier Need Annual Service?

We receive a fair number of questions asking if they should annually schedule service and cleaning for their copier. Our company will always respond to that with a yes if you print high volumes. The greater the volume, the more often you will want to schedule servicing/cleanings. Preventative maintenance guarantees optimal performance, and it will lengthen the lifespan of your copier.

Annual service eliminates the ozone, the dust and the dirt, which will extend the yield of your toner. Think you can clean the interior or exterior of your machine with canned air? We advise against it. In doing this, you can force the dust particles into the unreachable, nether regions of the copier. Especially with a laser copier, this can damage sensitive parts and end the life of your copier prematurely.

Ever experienced heart-crushing delays due to a wayward copier? Annual service decreases the amount of service calls needed and keep your business on afloat. Do you have an important client that you cannot afford downtime on? We have the expertise to assist, and we respond fast to repair calls because we understand the value of time. Our service technicians are punctual, knowledgeable and friendly. What more could you need? For further information, call today.