Ending your Copier Lease

Understanding the end of your copier lease is a huge part of going through a copier lease the correct way. Many people do not pay close enough attention to the end of their lease and they pay the price later on. Ending a copier lease does not have to be hard; you just need to keep track of a few simple things.

  • Watch out for automatic rollover. This is something that can continue your lease unless you specifically tell them otherwise. Make sure that your lease is actually ending when you think it is. This can save you extra months of a bad lease.
  • Understand shipping responsibilities. Understand that your leasing company isn’t just going to pick your machine up for you. It will be your job to find a company who will return your copier for you. Looking early on is the best way to get a good deal on shipping.
  • Know how to pack everything up. Make sure that everything is packaged correctly. This could be something as simple as putting toner in their own plastic bags, or packing the paper trays separately. A little mistake could end up costing you a good amount in charges that you didn’t expect.


Ending a copier lease is easy as long as you do your part to make it easy. Pay attention to your responsibilities and call your leasing company if you have to. Any charges that you get left with will be your fault and you will be left picking up the bill.