Ending your Copier Lease

If you are in the tail end of your lease then it’s time to start thinking about how to end your lease correctly. Some people think that once their lease date is over then there is nothing else to take care of. Your leasing company isn’t going to take care of each and every part of your lease. It’s up to you to make sure you know how to end your copier lease correctly.

Ending a copier lease has 3 major parts that you need to pay attention to. We will give a brief breakdown of each and what you need to pay attention to.

  1. Avoiding Automatic Rollover. Automatic rollover may be included in your lease. This will let your leasing company continue your lease beyond your date unless you specifically cancel before that. Make sure you don’t miss this date or your lease will continue.
  2. Figure out Shipping. Don’t just assume that your leasing company is going to pick up your copier for you. Many times it is up to you to figure out how to ship your copier back. Look early for deals before you end up paying more than you need it.
  3. Know how to pack correctly. Make sure you know how to pack individual parts of your copier. Things like toner and paper trays may need to be packaged separately. You can get fines if you don’t follow the rules.

If you pay attention to these three areas then there should be no surprise when ending a copier lease.