How a Print Policy Will Help You

A print policy will document the procedures that your executive management has endorsed. In addition, it will contain goals, timelines and milestones that support the overall objectives of your business and save money.

What might you include in a print policy? First, you can include a set of procedures that need to be followed when requesting a new copier. You might also include a decision process for leasing, purchasing and supplies. In doing this, you will reduce the chances that terrible decisions will be made.

In addition, you can also ask for your IT Department to design your policy. However, make sure that they do not have vested interests that will taint the process. While it does help to seek outside perspectives who will believe in your mission, you also have to look at it from your point of view because they may not see the big picture.

Print policies help to organize your company, and it gives you the shield of discipline. Instead of someone making an uninformed decision, they will have to run through the procedure to make sure that it makes sense first. The best thing about print policies is that they give you a strategic approach to printing, and they will enhance the customer experience.