How Does a Laser Printer Work?

Why should you look at laser printers? Laser printers print high-quality text, and they operate at faster speeds than inkjet printers. Unlike the inkjet printer that sprays ink on each page in a pattern, a laser printer will first imprint the pattern that will be printed. The printer charges the paper with static electricity and a laser beam scans it. This is what earned laser printers their name.

As the printing takes place, the printer feeds the paper onto a drum, and the laser beam shines in the needed pattern. The words and images that will be printed will be given a negative charged, and after the paper has been charged, the toner will be applied to the page.

The toner has been positively charged so that it sticks to the page. After the printer has applied the toner, your page gets sent through a fuser, which heats up the toner, and it melts the toner to fuse it to the paper. This is why the paper feels warm when it goes through the printer. If you want to learn more about laser printer, contact our Miami business.