How to Get an Affordable Color Copier

Kyocera-255CAs a business, you do not want to cut corners, but if you cannot afford something, it can make it difficult. Printing in color will make your marketing material, flyers and proposals come to life. People notice black and white less because it leaves less of an impression. If you work in the sales department, you want to present your material in the best light possible. However, the standard color copier costs an average of $6,000. You might be thinking to go out and buy a consumer-grade copier, but while they are cheap to buy upfront, they become extraordinarily expensive to keep supplied.

Instead, you can buy a used copier to keep the prices low. You could also purchase a refurbished model and save a great deal. However, it is easy to make a bad decision when looking for the right one. You have numerous variables, and understanding is always the key. That means doing your research. You can just as easily spend $15,000 on a new copier and get the wrong one as you can $1,000 and get the perfect used copier. It boils down to research and deep understanding of your needs.