Is Color a Problem for You?

Is your Color Printing Covered?

In Miami, color copies give documents that extra pop, making them memorable and effective. Understanding the cost of printing in color is essential. Knowing your company’s color usage habits goes a long way to accurately costing out color copying. “Color coverage” is a technical term used in the color copying contract. At first, the term may seem straight forward. Color coverage should refer to the area of the page covered in ink, with a maximum value of 100%, right? That’s true if we are only talking about one color of ink. Remember that color copying uses a combination of four different color inks: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. In copier lingo, then “color coverage” refers to the potential combination of all four of the inks. That adds up to a 400% maximum.

Entering into a contract with a low color coverage limit could prove very costly as the upcharges tick on with every click over that limit. An eyeball estimate of color coverage could be very misleading. Have your copier rep. run analyses on a sample of your actual printing activity to give you real numbers so you can set an accurate limit.