Is Your Storage Costing You Money?

How Your Company’s Storage Habits Could Be Costing You Money

Miami business owners that are interested in saving their companies as much money as possible should recognize the role that their storage habits might be playing in precluding them from accomplishing this objective. Oftentimes, business owners will opt to purchase printing products in bulk and store them away for future use. Although this may seem like a way to save money given that one often gets a discount when buying items in bulk, storing the printing products away can cost the company money. Read on to learn how.

One of the foundational concepts and realities of the business world is the warranty. When a product is sold, the manufacturer typically issues a warranty that functions as a guarantee that the purchaser can receive a full refund on the item if it doesn’t work properly. This can be a big problem for companies that are in the habit of storing their printing products given the fact that most warranties are time-sensitive. For example, if a company purchases a cartridge with a six month warranty, they might store the product away and retrieve it a year later. If there is something wrong with the product, the company would likely not be entitled to get a full refund or exchange on it.

In recognizing the role that your storage habits can play in costing your company money, it is important that you implement a viable solution to prevent this undesirable outcome. Your best option is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with your manufacturer in which you gain detailed information regarding your warranty. By taking this important step, you may save your company thousands and thousands of dollars.