Judging a Copier Contract

When you are getting ready to get yourself an office copier there are a few things you need to know. You don’t want to jump headfirst into a lease unless you know what it actually entails. Copier contracts can have a lot of provisions and small caveats that you need to be aware of; however, there are three areas that you can pay the most attention to when judging if you have a good contract. 

The three things you need to pay the most attention to are cost, time restraints, and efficiency. These aren’t straightforward specifications. They are more determined by the value to you. Here is what your need to consider when judging a copier contract.

  1. What is the true cost of the contact? Don’t just look at the price you are paying for the lease. You need to make sure you understand all the fees and charges that come with the contract. It’s not always as easy to understand as you first think. Take the time to seriously understand what you are signing.
  2. Is this machine increasing efficiency? The only reason you are getting an office machine is to increase efficiency. Don’t spend money on something that won’t really be helping you. Make sure this is the right machine for you and your needs.
  3. Figure out the time restraints. When will a repair person come if something goes wrong? Do you have immediate response or will you be without your machine for a few days? If they aren’t able to help you quickly then you could be facing a lot of wasted downtime.

When you are judging a copier contract you need to remember it’s all about what you need. Don’t settle for less than you think you deserve.