Lease a color copier

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Like most entrepreneurs, you have many important decisions to make when it comes to running your business. You need good staff, a good operations plan and an efficient office environment. We are in business to support you and your office equipment needs. Maybe it’s time for your business to lease a color copier? Our color copier leasing programs can help your business get on the right track.

One of the most important and most expensive pieces of equipment in an office environment is a color copier. Leasing a color copier can be an excellent option for any business trying to save on up-front costs.

What are some benefits of a color copier lease?

One of the benefits you get when leasing a color copier is that your business will not only keep up with fast- moving technology, you can keep up with your competitors by upgrading your color copier instead of owning an expensive and obsolete copy machine after only a few years. Keeping up-to-date with current technology can make or break a business.

Another important benefit to leasing a color copier is that you can predict your monthly expense thus helping your budget be more predictable. You don’t have to pay any large up front fees which provides your growing business with much needed cash flow.

Speaking of cash flow, leasing allows you to save money on maintenance for your copy machines. Most leases include discounted service visits. Call us to discuss our leasing options!