Why Leasing a Copier Makes Sense

Copier RentalsLeasing office equipment, the average office manager will jump at the first reasonable offer, but you may want to take time to read the terms and conditions of the lease. Without reading the contract, you can be caught off guard at the specifics, and as a startup, getting a lease makes more sense than buying outright because you will have more capital to work with. Before starting, however, understand that not all copier leases will have the same terms. There can be major differences in the services and terms and conditions, and you want to review those things to get the best deal.

While one lease might include making a certain number of prints per month, the technical support, repairs, maintenance and toner could be different from contract to contract. Sometimes a company will charge extra for optional services. It is important to know what you are getting in advance. The advantage of leasing is how you can access newer technologies more easily. After a five-year lease, for example, you can upgrade to a more advanced machine if needed. Also, if your business needs outgrow your old copier, you can upgrade to a newer one. Keeping your office equipment up to date ensures that you will stay competitive. A modern copier will use less toner and have more productive features.