Managing Department IDs to Save Money

The advantage of department IDs is that they allow you to track users, and what they have copied. As this technology has evolved, we can track the volume of what the users have copied. The greatest concern business owners had when color copiers came into the office was, “How can I control color costs?” Using a pin code, they could lock down the color copies. This means that you could not print in color without entering a code, and if you attempted to print in color, you would be given a popup where you had to enter a pin code.

Users understanding that their prints were being recorded helped to control the costs and the color usage because they knew that if they made 5,000 color copies, they would have to defend that decision in front of their boss.

However, department IDs do have their limitations, which is that they work great for one or two copiers, but beyond that, they do not operate well. The amount of labor for tracking a large number of copiers becomes intensive. This can be remedied with an inexpensive print tracking software.

Regardless, people looking to benefit from this technology will see significant savings by utilizing this technology.