Miami Copier Buying Secrets

If you are looking to buy a copier, there are some buying secrets you should know about.  We want to work with you, so we will go over some of the secrets here today!

Here are 10 copier buying secrets we feel every company should be aware of:

  • Don’t buy used just because they are cheaper (sometimes they are not)
  • Don’t get tabloid capable when you only use letter/legal paper
  • Don’t buy a copier if it can’t be supported by who you are buying it from.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with your rep, get another one
  • Make sure the copier has the scan features you may need down the road
  • Don’t lease a copier if you can afford to buy (unless it is solely for a solid accounting reason)
  • Don’t just look at equipment costs
  • Don’t just look at supplies costs
  • Don’t be afraid to compare side by side
  • Know what functions and what accessories you actually plan to use and don’t pay for ones you don’t.

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