Need a Copier in Miami? We Can Help!

We work with companies in the Miami area, helping them find the perfect copier for their business.  We rent, sell and lease copiers.  No matter what you are looking for, we can help!

Our primary brands we sell are Savin and Ricoh.  Savin is technically a brand under the Ricoh flag.  We are proud to represent one of the finest manufacturers of copy equipment in the market.  Savin has some of the best machines out there.

Some of the most popular Savin and Ricoh Machines out there are as follows:

  • MP C4504 – 45 pages per minute, solid color quality.  Robust for business environments.
  • MP 301SPF – 31 pages per minute.  Low cost to run
  • MP 4054 – 40 pages per minute, up to 4700 sheet paper capacity
  • MP 201SPF – Low cost, 21 pages per minute color desktop copier
  • MP C6004 – 60 pages per minute.  Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  • MP 7503 – 75 pages per minute.  For heavy workload customers.
  • MP 4054SP TE for Education – Looking for a copier for a school or educational institution?  This could be the perfect copier for you!

Savin and Ricoh make some of the best copiers on the market.  We have the staff here ready to keep your machine running in top condition.  We also sell, rent or lease the units, depending on your financial goals.

We are here for you and would love to help your company find the best copier for their needs.  We chat with you and see what you are looking to do and then suggest the best copier as well as the best way to finance the copier.  It all matters, and we have one chance to do a great job for you when picking the best copier.  We would love to help your company.

Is Getting a Copier From Us a Better Deal?

YES!  Our staff sells great quality copiers and we also ensure the correct maintenance package is on each copier.  As we work with you, you will get the best deal not because we are always the cheapest on every item, you will get the best deal because we will get you a copier that works for your business.  We don’t believe in overselling just to get a higher monthly budget out of you.  We work to see what it is you need and what product fits that niche at the best possible price.  We are with you for now and for now on.  Please give us a call to get a quote on a copier purchase, lease, or rental in Miami or the surrounding area!