Miami Copier Sales

By Marketing Group / October 30, 2013 / Comments Off on Miami Copier Sales

When businesses in Miami are searching for copiers to help keep their workers going throughout the day, Xerox is typically the best choice. No matter what the project, Xerox copiers are going to be able to fit in the office and perform the tasks at hand. Most Xerox copiers are large units that are multi-functional,…

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Colorqube Copiers in Miami

By Marketing Group / October 19, 2013 / Comments Off on Colorqube Copiers in Miami

Xerox ColorQube is High-End Copier of Choice for Miami Business Although it has a high price tag, the Xerox ColorQube copier is an ideal choice for Miami area businesses that need large numbers of high-quality copies for everyday needs. The Qube features solid ink printing on a wide range of papers at a high duplex…

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What to Look for in Your Next Copier…

By Marketing Group / July 24, 2013 / Comments Off on What to Look for in Your Next Copier…

What Do You Need in Your Next Copier? Today’s copiers are complex machines that built to work with your business platform. XEROX, the company that brought the world the dry copying process and the laser jet printer offers companies ways to fully integrate their business platforms with the copier/printer machines. Among the features you should…

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Finding the Perfect Miami Copier Fit

By Marketing Group / June 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Finding the Perfect Miami Copier Fit

Many people tend to believe that the largest companies make the best copier machines. However, this is a myth that not only runs rampant in the copier business but also is widely considered as true in almost all technology related arenas. The perception is that bigger is better, but the quality of a copier machine…

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Xerox Colorqube 8700 Copier in Miami

By Marketing Group / May 26, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Colorqube 8700 Copier in Miami

Buying a color copier can be quite an expensive and time consuming process.  If you have a small office in need of a robust color copier, you should take a look at the Xerox Colorqube 8700. It is 44 pages per minute and we have customers who print up to 10,000 pages a month using…

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Xerox Colorqube Copiers in the Miami Area

By Marketing Group / April 14, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Colorqube Copiers in the Miami Area

Are you interested in a Xerox Colorqube copier in the Miami area?  Maybe you like the 3 tier billing, maybe you like the look of the wax, or maybe it is just what your copier rep is pushing and you are just doing some research.  Whatever the case, we would like to help you out. …

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Buying a New Copier in Miami

By Marketing Group / April 4, 2013 / Comments Off on Buying a New Copier in Miami

There are a couple of important starting points to consider at the outset of the quest for the next copier for your Miami business. Features Needed If you haven’t been in the market for a copier for awhile, or ever, the capabilities of today’s copiers will impress you. Will you need to print to tabloid…

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Xerox WorkCentre Copiers

By Marketing Group / March 20, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox WorkCentre Copiers

If you are looking for a Xerox WorkCentre copier in Miami, we can help.  There are of course a lot of these copiers, a small example is: WorkCentre 6400, WorkCentre 3550, WorkCentre 7535, WorkCentre 7545, WorkCentre 7120, WorkCentre 7125, WorkCentre 4260, etc…  It starts to feel like the list is endless.  The WorkCentre series of…

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Xerox Colorqube 9303

By Marketing Group / March 13, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Colorqube 9303

Are you looking for that awesome copier that will work for a large office.  One with cheap prints and a good initial cost?  With the Xerox Colorqube 9303 you get just this.  You get the benefit of the 3 tiered color billing, which ultimately will make your color prints average less than 4 cents a…

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