Protect Yourself with Copier Security

In today’s world data security is more important than ever before. We rely more and more on computers and interconnected Cloud drives to store our data, making it easier than ever to stay connected, but also adding vulnerability to our personal information. Many people spend vast sums of money on network security, but few know how important it is to protect yourself with copier security.

The copier in your office stores more information than you may realize. Inside all of the copiers in offices across America is a hard drive. This hard drive helps your copier do some impressive feats, including saving an image of everything that passes through your copier. This means that you every single document on your copier could potentially end up in someone else’s hands.

It’s important to remember that in a business, it’s not just your data that you might be protecting. Everyone you’ve worked with could potentially be affected if you used your copier has some of their personal information. This could be a variety of things.

  • Personal contact information
  • Home addresses
  • Legal information
  • Business transactions
  • Bank Statements
  • Health information

You cannot leave your customers and employees open to having their data stolen. Companies like Ricoh have taken security measures to help ensure that you can be safe. Call us at Copier Miami to see what you can do to protect yourself with copier security.