Questions to Ask Your Next Copier Dealer

When it is time to replace or upgrade your old copier, make sure that you are asking your Miami copier outlet the right questions. Educating yourself about all of your potential copier options is far easier when you have a clear and definite image of what you want out of your copier or printer. Before you begin shopping for a new copier, think of questions you can ask your Miami copier sales associate to give you the specific information you need to get the job done. Know what you want from your purchase, and never be afraid to ask, even if the answer to the question seems obvious.

Potential Questions for Your Miami Copier Retailer

  • What is the total cost of ownership for your chosen machine, including price per print, supplies and maintenance, and initial cost of the copier?
  • What are the networking options available for the machine?
  • Is professional set up of your new copier included with the cost of the machine, or do they charge extra?
  • What are the supplies and maintenance associated with the machine, and is any of it included with the original price tag?