Reducing Your Financial Exposure When Returning Your Miami Copier

In our last post, we talked about what to expect when it comes time to return your copier. Here is how it works if you decide to let the lease and copier dealer handle your packaging and shipping in exchange for a new contract on a lease and new copier:

  • The copier company gets a tech that gets paid about $20 an hour to package the copier in about two hours.
  • They work out a deal with the lease company to ship at a reduced rate based on the fact that you sign a new contract. (They may get an extra discount direct from the manufacturer as well.)

What is the good news? You saved yourself the hassle of repacking and returning the copier yourself. What about the bad news? You overpay on your next copier and the lease with which it comes. What do you do to stay competitive and reduce your financial exposure? There are three things that you can do to reduce your financial risks. If you would like to know, please follow up on our post called “Returning Your Miami MFP – Reduce Your Risks.”