Refurbished Equipment Combined with a Service Agreement

handshakeWhen people buy refurbished equipment, sometimes they do not think to buy a service agreement. Without it, you could be unproductive at your business for days. You want to protect your investment, and your equipment will only be as good as the service you receive. Many times, people will buy their copier online, but if something fails, they run to their local vendor. In most cases, copier companies will not service these machines. Why? First, they do not know the defects, and since it is not from their shop, they do not feel motivated to take on the hassle. This is why you are better off buying refurbished or used from a local copier vendor and purchasing a service agreement with it.

With a service agreement, you will be covered when things go wrong. In addition, you will still be paying less than what you would have paid for a new copier, but you will have the protection if something does go wrong. If interested in learning more, contact our company. We can help you to look into the best options for your company.