Remote Services For Xerox: Staying Connected

Once your printer is connected to Xerox Remote Services, it’s important to follow some basic equipment hygiene to keep connectivity established. Xerox Remote Services is a free remote suite. It allows printers on your network to enjoy maintenance, replenishment and troubleshooting through Xerox servers. Connected devices enjoy:

  • Accurate, timely metered billing.
  • Custom supply replenishments based on actual usage.
  • Remote troubleshooting to solve problems in real time.

You need to stay connected to continue enjoying all of the perks of being synced with Xerox’s servers. Most current Xerox machines have Xerox Device Direct embedded. If yours doesn’t it may require a Xerox Device Agent Lite (XDA Lite) download for connectivity. Here are the best practices for staying connected to Xerox Remote Services:

  • Install Xerox software on a dedicated computer that is continuously running to ensure that connectivity isn’t lost when a computer is shut off.
  • Routinely confirm that XDA Lite is up to date by checking that you have the latest software version installed.
  • Routinely confirm that your printer is operating with the latest software versions for all products.
  • Check for security bulletins provided by Xerox’s update center under your printer’s Drivers & Downloads tab. This allows you to address security upgrades and patches that could cause your device to be disconnected if updates aren’t installed.
  • When making network updates or reconfigurations through your Information Technology (IT) department, confirm that connectivity has not been disrupted when the updates are finished.

Being consistent with confirming connectivity is the key to enjoying all of Xerox’s remote benefits. Users who take advantage of connectivity save time and money. Contact us today to ensure that your printer/copier is connected properly for accessing the full potential of this free service.

If you would like to lease or buy a Xerox device with remote connectivity, call Copier Miami today!