Remote Services for Xerox

Xerox Remote Services is essential for secure, organized printer/copier administration. It is a maintenance tool that helps you stay on top of the game. Tapping into this free, easily activated service takes almost no time at all. Xerox Remote Services users enjoy the following remote features:

  • Automatic Meter Reads: Automated collection and submission of meter reads for a hassle-free, efficient process ensuring that reads are always submitted on time.
  • Automatic Supplies Replenishment: Automatic ordering for supplies on an as-needed basis to avoid shortages. Orders are scaled to specific user usage to eliminate inventory excess.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Troubleshooting and repair services from Xerox support teams in real time. Remote diagnostics are prioritized to get your printer operating as quickly as possible without the need to wait for a technician to arrive.
  • Prepared Service Reps: Not every problem can be solved remotely. When in-person support is needed, field technicians review diagnostic data reported by machines when service calls are placed to arrive at your office prepared to fix the issue. There’s never a need to try to explain the problem to a technician.

Your printer is its own best technician with Xerox’s remote care. This integrated system streamlines printer maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting. Remote Services use better technology for printer-to-user communications. Remember, you can’t take advantage of the benefits of Xerox’s fully free remote services until your device is connected to the Xerox servers.

Get Connected Today!

Your printer can do more! Xerox Remote Services offers convenience and security. It will streamline your copier/printer administration. The first step is reviewing the list of Xerox “capable products” to confirm that a device is compatible with Xerox Remote Services. Most newer models are fully compatible with this essential service. Contact us today to set up your devices easily for better printer/copier functionality that saves time.

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