Resetting Copier Firmware

Firmware Has to Be Reset

We recently encountered a lot of issues surrounding scanning with Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients. These are people who scanned well for years without problems, but we noticed that Xerox copiers need a few things done that are not expected. For example, reloading the firmware on a copier. Programmers designed firmware to only read memory, which tells the control panels how to display, and it tells the copier how to behave.

Because of recent software updates, a problem has occurred between Windows 7 or Windows 8 and the copier. Nevertheless, the process for updating your firmware will only take 30 minutes. Where does the issue occur most often? We have experienced this issue the most with the 3635MFP and the 7225.

Are you having issues with your scanning? Another issue that we have learned about is when users have Windows Live Essentials installed. If you do not use that program, remove it because scanning is harder to setup. Having other problems with your Xerox copier? At our Miami business, we can assist you with repairs, and if you are looking for a copier, we can help you with a rental. We are the dependable company with expertise that people can trust.