Scanning with Xerox

Miami Copier

With today’s modern business machines requiring hard drives and software to operate, they need to be updated as you would a computer. Recently a German PhD candidate discovered a flaw in some models of Xerox Workstations that resulted in numbers being scanned incorrectly due to poor data compression. The problem was caused by a glitch in the multifunction printer’s optical character reader program. When the student posted an internet blog piece about the problem, it was also found to involve the ColorQube range of machines as well. Xerox has sent out a patch to update the affected software. The company also recommends using the higher quality, factory default options when initially setting up the copiers.

This shows the need to keep your Miami area business equipment up-to-date to ensure that copies are as accurate as the original. Copiers that are network interfaced also need to have security protocols installed to prevent information from being compromised or the network from being attacked by Trojans, viruses, spyware and malware. Keeping copier and antivirus software current should be included in your maintenance and service agreement. You should also set up alerts to know when critical software patches have been sent out. Contact our Miami area office if you need assistance updating your Xerox Workstation or ColorQube multifunction printer.