Security features you need

If you haven’t shopped for a copier in a while then you may be surprised to see the amazing changes in the last few years. The machines today are not just more powerful, but also much safer. The best models being made from the experts at companies like Ricoh have put an emphasis at making sure that your machine comes with the security features you need.

Copiers of the older days were vulnerable to a number of attacks. Network security was unable to protect your copier from an attack so it was up to you to get extra security, just in case. However, many people weren’t aware of the potential for damage. That’s why companies like Ricoh have put so much time into including new security features to make your life easier.

  • Encrypted PDF files for scanning
  • Hard drive encryption
  • User Permissions
  • Network Authentication
  • IP Filtering
  • Smart Cards
  • Track all activity
  • Secure printing

All of this anymore can come standard on certain models being created today. The machines that are being made are Ricoh are better than ever at keeping your information safer than ever.

Give us a call at Copier Miami to learn more about getting yourself set up with the security features you  need. We can make sure that your business, and your information is safe and secure.