Small Business? Here’s How You Can Save on Printing and Copying

EmergencyWith 28 million small businesses in America, saving money on your copying and printing expenses will leave you with more capital to put into other essential things like investing in advertisement, newer equipment and increasing your profit margin. How do you do it? First, make sure that you have an efficient printer. We have seen a lot of small businesses who use an inefficient or expensive all-in-one desktop printer. This leads to losing a lot more than a few dollars here and there.

Many times, small business owners assume that because they have so few employees that it does not make sense for their budget to purchase or lease a copier. That assumption can cost thousands of dollars more per year. While a desktop printer costs less upfront, you will pay more to operate for the toner and drums. Before deciding, you have to examine the total cost of ownership.

How much do you spend on toner for your existing machine? If you look at the cost over the last several years, you can also examine the same price for a regular copier, and you will determine the overall cost. Need help? Here at our copier business in Miami, we can do the math and help you to determine if a copier would make more sense.