The Xerox ColorQube

The Xerox ColorQube is one of the best copiers out on the market today. Although it has a pretty high price tag, it is well worth it because of the high quality it is capable of producing. It can produce a large number of high quality 8700prints per minute – 85 prints per minute, to be exact. The ColorQube features solid ink printing on a wide range of papers at that extremely high rate. At the same time as this, it has a very low energy usage rate, which decreases your company’s energy footprint. The ColorQube is the future of copier technology.

Color ink is fed into the ColorQube with four different wax block of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black in order to make what is basically a hot form of inkjet printing. The copier melts each color and then releases them into a drum that then rolls over paper to make copies. It holds enough ink to produce up to 58,000 full color pages which decreases the number of ink you have to buy and replace.

The ColorQube reduces the amount of waste from 800 pounds over four years for most printers to about 88 pounds for the ColorQube over that time.

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