Used Copiers

Kyocera-255CBuying a used copier can be a great way to save money on your next Miami Copier purchase.  Instead of paying full dollar, you can get a copier that will work great for your company for years, without having to spend the money on the new copier everyone wants to quote.  Buying a used copier can be great, but there are always some things to watch out for before you sprint down to the local Miami copier company and pay for a used copier.

What is the current meter?

Like a car, a copier has a lifespan measured in clicks.  Some copiers will have a lower number (mainly A4) and others will have a higher number (like a production level copier.)

It is good to find out what the useful life of a copier is and what the copier you have would be able to realistically do.  One other thing to ask the rep about is if the copier is discontinued and if so, how long has it been that way.  It is better if they are still current or it has only been out of the stream for a year or two.

Another thing you should find out is how long the copier company will support the copier they want to sell you with a maintenance contract.

We hope you can find that perfect copier for your office and would love to help you find it!