Why Warm-up Time Makes a Difference

Choosing the right copier for your business can seem complex. There are so many features being thrown at your all at once and you might not be sure about what is best for you. One of the most overlooked features is how fast your copier’s warm-up time is. Not many people see the importance of warm-up time but it can make a big difference when it comes to your productivity.

Warm-up time is the time it takes for your machine to go from being completely turned off, to being ready to complete your first print. This can be almost instantaneous, or it could take you quite a while each time. It just depends on your business style when you are thinking about warm-up time.

It’s not always true, but generally a faster warm-up time means slower print speeds. This is because the best print speeds generally come from the biggest, most powerful machines. These machines need more time to warm-up because they need to be ready for more features.

Here is the general rule of thumb when it comes to determining if warm-up time makes a difference to you.

  • If you run a smaller business that does fewer, small print jobs then having great warm-up time will probably benefit you more.
  • If your operation is quite large then there is a high probability that you will only turn your office machine on once that day. In this case print speed is much more important than warm-up time.

Warm-up time can make a big difference in your productivity. Remember to consider it when looking for your next office copier.