What Happens When Your Copier Data Gets Stolen?

Twice in memory, we can recall where a customer requested if they could retrieve data from their copier hard drive. However, both cases learned too late when a disgruntled employee walked out the door with sensitive customer information. In other words, they stole your data. While you may say, we do not allow our sales representatives to print out their customer lists, and each salesperson has restricted access to their own list of customers, what about your sales managers and VPs?

You do not want to attempt to close the barn door after the horses have left. While we can pull the hard drive off your MFD and sell a new one, and you can bring your hard drive to a forensic expert to see what they can retrieve, the process is not simple and costs thousands of dollars. Manufacturers deliberately avoid publishing the specs of their OSes because they do not want hackers getting access to the hard drive.

Proper security measures before your data gets stolen will deter hackers. If you can prove that an employee has printed sensitive data, you can confront them with legal consequences. If choosing legal action, make sure your lawyer has knowledge of CFAA or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, avoid threatening until you have secured your stolen data.