What is Leasing a Miami Copier?

In case you do not know already, leasing a Miami copier is a financial method used to pay for your copier/MFP equipment. Out of buying outright and renting, leasing a copier is one of the more popular decisions because of the tax benefits and depreciation. Some organizations lease copiers because they want everything in one total cost such as toner and maintenance. This is not to say that the plans are not available to those who buy a copier or already own one. Getting a service plan does not require a lease, but it is the most common method for most organizations. If someone tries to tell you that you are required to have a lease in order to get a service plan, it is untrue.

If you want the lease and service plan separate, it is as simple as purchasing the copier and getting a service and supplies contract. The average market price for about 8,000 pages per month is at a rate of $.012 per print/copy. From a financial standpoint, leasing a copier is appealing because it is depreciation versus operating expenses. If you are not sure how it plays into the financial scope your organization’s taxes and accounting, check with the financial sector in your organization to learn more.