What is Tabloid Printing?

You may be looking for a copier for the first time and trying to figure out what you need. When looking at copiers you may have noticed that some are called A3 copiers while others are called A4 copiers. These are differentiating between tabloid copiers (A3), and non-tabloid copiers (A4). This difference can cause a drastically different price for your copier. At Copier Miami we want to help you get the perfect copier and understand what is tabloid printing.

Tabloid prints are essentially prints that are bigger than normal legal paper. In fact, they are twice as big, measuring at 17” x 11”. These extra-large pages give you a greater ability to tackle a number of different tasks. You can make large posters or create newsprint, or magazine style prints with ease.

Tabloid copiers are much more powerful than their smaller counterparts. They are usually meant for people with high demands for both production levels and graphic content. They will offer you the ability to switch media sizes with ease and give you the greatest color spectrum.

You may be realizing that tabloid copiers aren’t right for everyone. They fit into a very specific set of needs that not everyone utilizes. Be careful though. Sneaky salespeople may try to convince you that a tabloid copier is right in the rare case you need it. This can be a costly mistake that could leave you paying extra thousands of dollars over the course of your lease.

Give us a call at Copier Miami to learn more about tabloid copiers. We have a wide selection of tabloid, and A4 copiers available at great prices. We will get you the right copier for the right price.